Student Blogging Challenge Week 5 – About My Family (I know, its a bit late)

Well I guess I’ll start with my two parents. My Mom is a Respitory Therapist, kinda like a lung doctor. She’s really quite nice and easy going. My Dad, on the otherhand, is extremely strict! Like I was home ONE minute late so he took away my phone for two weeks! But anyways, he is usually nice.  I also have two brothers. My little brother Brad is an eleven year old annoying brat, and all he does is play computer games like Minecraft. My older brother is awesome. He is 19 teaches me how to fight and taught me most of what I know for wrestling and all of my MMA skills. My only grandma still alive is very nice, and she and my only grandpa are considerably wealthy, and my grandpa is also nice and very smart and in shape, ecspecially for 72 years old. My other grandma, who died in August, was very nice but had many health issues and lived in a half burned down, extremely dirty house. I have 2 cousins up in the U.P., or the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. My cousin Sammy is 15 and we play Star Wars the Old Republic together a lot. My other cousin from the U.P. is a six year old girl named Carly. I don’t really know her to much, but she is also nice. I have 2 cousins that live in Madison, one a seven year old boy named Kyle who is pretty outgoing and has Diabetes, so every year we do the Walk to Cure Diabetes. My other cousin from Madison is four and he is really shy. Both of them are into racing and seem pretty good at it. They even went to Florida JUST for a race! They both won first place! My uncle(father of my racing  cousins) know quite a bit about computers, so we get along pretty good. My aunt(Mom of racers) I don’t know that well because we don’t really talk. I also have some cousins in Canada ( D: ) that I have never talked to or seen in my entire life. I think that concludes it.

‘New’ Phone T.T

Lol so my phone got broken a while ago, various software issues and like i tried to fix it, but i couldnt so i went to Sprint’s store and the tech guys did even worse of an attempt i did, at least i tried flashing a new kernel. Well anyways then they said itd be over 150 dollars, and my parents didnt wanna pay that much, so i downgraded phones. Not to a cheaper phone, but my old phone from 5 years ago. The funny part is is that its still ‘techinacally’ a smartphone, as it gets on the internet and has an app market. I even got the facebook app for it!  At least im ONLY stuck with it for another year and a half T.T

Ha2 anyone heard of home2uck?

2o ha2 anyone heard of home2tuck?? Iit2 really random and awe2ome and ii dont even know how to de2rcibe it((btw i use “2” instead of and “S”)) and ii thiink you 2hould read iit but it2 boring at fir2t but dont worry it get2 better and 2tuff 2o u can fiind iit here 2o iif anyone here actually pay2 attentiion that would be a 2upriise lol and that would be awe2ome…

Student Blogging Challenge Week 6 – Does My Personality Change Online

For Student Blogging Challenge Week 6 I chose activity 1, so I gotta tell ya how my personality changes online. Uhh i guess im not as funny online or as awesome lol im just more booooring and stuff seee im already booring you arent i lol u know if i were u i wouldve already stopped reading this i mean its entirly pointless to cominue to read this so go and be a person and dont die and drive safely i guess now seriously just leave already cuz i mean unless your a robot you probably have something else to do and hopefully not just video games but IF that’s all you ever do it better be like Halo or something not CoD cuz that game gets old and Foraza motorsports is another good game i guess but now why are you still readng this and im gonna go now so yea

Student Blogging Challenge Week 4

So I couln’t find any pictures on football or wrestling through Compfight, so this’ll do I guess since I used to play hockey, but it’s just to expensive. Hockey is one of the hardest sports out there. Many people probably think that it’s cold on the ice. My mom thought this and used to make me waer a sweatshirt to practice. Even in short sleeves and shorts, it is really hot and I’d come out dripping sweat.

He shoots...

Photo Credit: Kenny Louie via Compfight