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Weel I guess im doing this only for Student Blogging Challenge Week 5, and this happens to be the “about me” challenge, so here goes: I was born on August 9th, 1999(8/9/99). I have two brothers, one older(8/5/93) and one younger(9/8/01). I play football and wrestling, and plan on joining track next year. I have one pet dog named Howie, and have had a decent number of pets in the past. I am very skilled with computer related issues and love “experimenting” with them. I live in a small Wisconsin town, Columbus. I am moving again to Beaver Dam, WI, about 8 months after moving back to my Columbus from Virginia Beach, VA. Anyone who has moved quite far will most likely agree that it sucks. As for music. I listen to mostly all types, but mainly Metal(like rock) and Rap. My favorite sports team is the Chicago Bears and my favorite wrestler is Kyle Dake I am a huge fan of Homestuck, a really random and funnily awesome animatated comic type thing.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Its Alex here, just saying but in my opinion I think you are giving to much info about yourself like where you live. I know its just one thing but its not good to give info. like that. Well I hope you can visit my blog http://balkenatech71213.edublogs.org/ and if you do Thanks! Have a great day!

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